COC Procurement

One of the many challenges facing builders in today's market is the obligation to respect the environment.


The Howarth Timber Group has a clear and demanding role to fulfil, a driving force behind our commitment to maintaining full chain of custody certification. This way, we ensure that the materials we provide can be traced back to well managed resources.

All our documentation is embedded with the relevant chain of custody codes for the products we supply. Identification of qualifying materials on site is made much easier.

However, before products reach Howarth, decisions are taken which can make project certification much easier. Working with customers, Howarth has compiled an induction document to help identify what needs to be understood and considered to maintain chain of custody links. The document also points out the many pitfalls of a lengthy supply chain.

Some companies will want to obtain certification on a project-by-project basis, whereas some will request full company registration to ensure chain of custody compliancy. The Howarth Timber Group has considerable expertise through its importing business, Arbor Forest Products.